Treatment codes and species abbreviations

Research results contained in the ISU Research Report are generated by FieldPro Biodata Management software and use various codes for treatment rates.  These are listed below for your convenience.  All weed and crop species are listed using the 5-letter Bayer codes, which are also listed below.

Treatment information abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
GLA Gallons liquid per acre
LAA Pounds active per acre
LMA Pounds material per acre
NA Not applicable
OMA Ounces material per acre
PMA Pints material per acre
PMG Pounds material per 100 gallons
PMV Percent material volume to volume
QMA Quarts material per acre
QMG Quarts material per 100 gallons
ZMA Ounces fluid material per acre

Crop and weed names and abbreviations

ABUTH velvetleaf Abutilon theophrasti
AMATA common waterhemp Amaranthus rudis
AMBEL common ragweed Ambrosia artemisiifolia
AMBTR giant ragweed Abrosia trifida
CHEAL common lambsquarters Chenopodium album
EPHDE toothed spurge Euphorbia dentata
ERBVI woolly cupgrass Eriochloa villosa
ERICA horseweed Conyza canadensis
GLXMA soybean Glycine max
IPOPD ivyleaf morningglory Ipomoea purpurea
POLPY Pennsylvania smartweed Polygonum pensylvanicum
SETFA giant foxtail Setaria faberi
SOLPT Eastern black nightshade Solanum ptycanthum
XANST common cocklebur Xanthium strumarium
ZEAMD corn Zea mays

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