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2005 Herbicide Manual for Ag Professionals
Extension publication WC-92

The 2004 Herbicide Manual for Agricultural Professionals provides information on herbicides currently registered in Iowa. Recommendations for use of these herbicides on corn and soybeans must be followed closely for control of weeds and to minimize the risk of crop injury. Follow all label directions. Changes in herbicide registrations are constantly being made, thus some uses suggested in this publication may have changed by planting time. Refer to the latest herbicide label available.

Many interacting factors govern the effectiveness of herbicides and the potential for crop injury. Included are environmental conditions, such as rainfall, temperature, and relative humidity; managerial factors, such as depth of planting, time of planting, time of herbicide application, general tillage practices for seedbed preparation, weed species present in the field, herbicide rate, and kind of chemical needed to provide greatest economic return from the crop.

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Prepared by Bob Hartzler, and Mike Owen, extension weed management specialists, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University.

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Common chemical and trade names are used in this publication. The use of trade names is for clarity by the reader. Inclusion of a trade name does not imply endorsement of that particular brand of herbicide and exclusion does not imply nonapproval.