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Last updated on: February 21, 2006

The following provides a brief description of some of the new products that may or may not be registered for use in corn and soybeans.  The products are not listed in any particular order.  New information will be added as obtained.   

Milestone (DowAgroSciences) contains aminopyralid, a growth regulator herbicide in the pyridine family. Milestone and ForeFront R&P (aminopyralid + 2,4-D) are labeled for pastures and CRP. Milestone VM targets the industrial vegetation market. A description of aminopyralid is found here.

Resolve (DuPont) contains the sulfonylurea herbicide rimsulfuron. Rimsulfuron previously was found in package mix products such as Steadfast and the Basis family. It provides short-term residual control of foxtails and other grasses. It is targeted for Roundup Ready corn acres, and can be applied preemergence to provide greater flexibility in application timing or be tank-mixed with glyphosate to provide residual control following the post application.

Impact (AMVAC) contains topramezone, a carotene inhibitor with the same site of action as mesotrione (Callisto). It is labeled for postemergence applications in corn to control many broadleaf and grass species. The addition of atrazine will improve consistency. Use rate is 0.75 oz/A.

Select Max (Valent) is a new formulation of clethodim. The formulation is designed to be tank-mixed with 'loaded' glyphosate formulations without the need for additional adjuvants, and provides greater flexibility for additive selection when tank-mixed with broadleaf herbicides.

Callisto (Syngenta) received clearance for use for pre and post applications in sweet corn.

Radius (Bayer) is a new premix of flufenacet (Define) and isoxaflutole (Balance). This formulation has a higher ratio of flufenacet:isoxaflutole than Epic, and thus should provide more consistent grass control than Epic.

Starane (DowAgrosciences) is in the pyridine family of herbicides (Stinger- clopyralid; Tordon - picloram; etc.).  It is registered for use in small grains, file and sweet corn, and grain sorghum.  For corn it is used as a postemergence treatment from emergence until the V5 growth stage.  Starane is targeted more towards the western U.S. because of its high level of activity on kochia.

Lexar (Syngenta) is a new product containing the same actives contained in Lumax, but Lexar contains a higher rate of atrazine.  Lexar should provide more consistent control of large seeded broadleaf weeds such as cocklebur than Bicep II Magnum or Lumax.  The amount of active applied at a medium soil rate of the three products is shown below.

  Product (medium soil rate) S-metolachlor (lbs ai/A) atrazine (lbs ai/A) mesotrione (Callisto) (lbs ai/A)
  2.1 qt Bicep II Magunum 1.26 1.63 -
  2.5 qt Lumax 1.67 0.63 0.167
  3 qt Lexar 1.30 1.30 0.167

Me-Too-Lachlor and Me-Too-Lachlor II (Drexel) are two products that contain the unresolved isomer of metolachlor.  Me-Too-Lachlor II contains a safener, whereas Me-Too-Lachlor is an unsafened product.  These products are similar to Stalwart, for which a discussion of the relative activity compared to Dual II Magnum can be found on this site. 

Camix (Syngenta) is a premix that contains 3.34 lbs of S-metolachlor and 1/3 lb mesotrione per gallon.  It is very similar to Lumax, but doesn't contain atrazine.   It was available in 2003, but has been targeted for northern states in the past.

Expert  (Syngenta) is a premix of glyphosate, S-metolachlor and atrazine.  It will be marketed primarily in the Southern U.S.

Touchdown Hi Tech (Syngenta) is a new potassium salt of glyphosate that contains 5 lb ae per gallon (Roundup WeatherMax contains 4.5 lbs ae per gallon).  HiTech does not include a 'built-in adjuvant system', and will require the user to add appropriate surfactants.  Label is expected in January 2004.

Touchdown Total (Syngenta) is a second potassium salt of glyphosate product that contains 4.17 lb ae per gallon and contains the IQ adjuvant system.

Stalwart C and Stalwart Xtra  (Sipcam) are metolachlor based products similar to Dual II and Bicep II.  Stalwart products contain a mixture of metolachlor isomers, whereas Dual II Magnum contains only S-metolachlor, the more active form.  A discussion of the relative activity of these products compared to Dual II Magnum can be found on this site.  Me-Too-Lachlor is another generic form of metolachlor containing a combination of isomers.

Arrow (Mana) is a new product containing clethodim, the active ingredient in Select.  Both clethodim products contain 2 lbs/gal and recommendations are identical.

INTRRO (Monsanto) is a new product containing alachlor (Lasso).  INTRRO is labeled for use on soybean and sorghum, and in Iowa will be targeted for growers or RR soybeans who desire a preemergence product to suppress early season weed until applications of glyphosate are made postemergence.  INTRRO is not labeled for use on corn.

Prowl-H2O (BASF) is an encapsulated formulation of pendimethalin (Prowl).  It is a water based product that contains 3.8 lbs pendimethalin, compared to the EC formulation that contains only 3.3 pounds.  Proposed advantages for this formulation include:  less odor, less staining of equipment (sprayers, etc.) and other surfaces, less tie up on crop residue and reduced volatility.  Prowl-H2O has performed similarly to EC formulations in ISU trials.

Tenkoz, an alliance of distributors. will be marketing generic formulations of several products this year, including the following:

        Volley, Volley ATZ and Volley ATZlite are acetochlor products.  All products in the Volley line contain dichlormid, the same safener found in Surpass.   

        Blanket contains sulfentrazone, the active ingredient in Authority/Spartan.  Blanket is labeled for preemergence weed control in soybean.

        Priority is a premix of carfentrazone and halosulfuron, the active ingredients of Aim and Permit.  It is labeled for postemergence control in corn from emergence until the eight collar stage.

Equip (Bayer) is a premix containing the active ingredient in Option (foramsulfuron) and a second sulfonylurea herbicide (iodosulfuron).  The product also contains the safener included in Option.  The label rate is 1.5 oz per acre, and Equip will control emerged grasses and broadleaves and provide short residual activity.  Equip can be applied from emergence until corn is 12" tall or reaches the V4 stage.  A methylated seed oil and nitrogen are recommended as spray additives.  The label warns not to use the product on hybrids classified as sensitive to sulfonyurea or ALS inhibiting herbicides.  There is an eight month rotation interval for soybeans and 18 month interval for alfalfa.  Apparently the product will not be marketed aggressively in Iowa due to sensitivity of corn in cool conditions and the widespread occurrence of ALS resistant waterhemp.

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