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Weed Management Publications

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Number Title
NCR-260 Wirestem Muhly [February 1987] 154K
PAT-30 Sprayer Clean-out Guidelines: Avoiding crop injury due to contamination [November 1997] 36K
Pm-742 Quackgrass and Its Control [April 1992] 77K
Pm-746 Pokeweed [Revised November 1988] 66K
Pm-863 Multiflora Rose and Its Control [Revised March 1992] 44K
Pm-1176 Weed Management in Conservation Tillage [February 1993] 551K
Pm-1389 Chemical Alternatives to Atrazine in Corn Weed Mangement Problems [February 1993] 66K
Pm-1393 Banding Herbicides for Row Crop Weed Management [October1990] 154K
Pm-1536A Calling ISU about Plant and Insect Problems [Reprinted September 1994] 33K
Pm-1536B Sending Plant and Insect Samples to ISU [Reprinted September 1994] 33K
Pm-1542 Tips for Providing Plant and Insect Samples to ISU [September 1993] 121K
Pm-1623 Cultivation: An Effective Weed Management Tool [Revised June 1996] 105K
Pm-1786 Identification of the Weedy Pigweeds and Waterhemps of Iowa [April 1999] - online
SA-11 Relative Emergence Sequence for Weeds of Corn and Soybeans [April 1997] 176K
IPM 54 Iowa Atrazine Use Survey [August 1997] 42K
1977 Iowa Farm Herbicide and Insecticide Use Survey
1985 Survey of Pesticides Used in Iowa Crop Production
1990 Survey of Pesticides Used in Iowa Crop Production
1995 Survey of Pesticides Used in Iowa Crop Production
IPM 68 Selecting the Correct Nozzle to Reduce Spray Drift


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