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Weed Identification and Herbicide Injury Diagnosis

Samples may be submitted to ISU Agronomy Extension for identification or evaluation for potential herbicide injury.  This service is not provided for determining identification of "curiosity" samples (native plants, horticulture specimens, etc.)

Evaluation for herbicide injury is done on a visual basis only.  No lab procedures are conducted for herbicide residues.

Please follow the collection and submission procedures below and use the Weed ID & Herbicide Injury Diagnosis form, AG-146.  Copies of the form can be obtained from your local county extension office, ISU Publications Distribution, or by downloading from this site.

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Collecting Specimens

  1. Make sure the specimen is representative of plants in questions.
  2. Include stems, leaves, flowers or seed heads and seeds, if present. Also include a portion of the root in order to identify perennial weed characteristics.
  3. Wrap specimens in dry paper toweling or clean newspaper and pack loosely in a plastic bag to prevent excessive drying. DO NOT ADD WATER. Package in a strong carton for mailing.
  4. Send only freshly collected specimens by the most rapid transit method – undue delays can result in extensive deterioration of the specimen which makes diagnosis difficult or impossible.
  5. Fill out form as completely as possible.

Hints for Specific Plant Materials

  1. Small plants and turf – send entire intact plant(s). Gently shake excess soil from roots.
  2. Fleshy fruits, roots and tubers – wrap in enough clean, absorbent materials such as paper toweling to soak up any leakage.
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