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The new herbicide weeds have never seen
by Bob Hartzler

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March 16, 2015

For most Iowa growers, wise use of herbicides is the foundation of herbicide resistance management. This requires using a diverse mix of herbicides from different herbicide groups (sites of action). The inclusion of herbicide group numbers on herbicide labels has simplified this task and is a big step forward. However, Syngenta recently developed an ad that represents a step backward in efforts to improve weed management.

The product being promoted is Acuron, a new premix containing atrazine, S-metolachlor, mesotrione and bicyclopyrone (HG 5, 15, 27 and 27, respectively). Bicyclopryone is the new a.i. that weeds 'have never seen'. However, it kills weeds in the same way that mesotrione and other group 27 herbicides do, and thus it places the same selection pressure on weeds as other group 27 products (e.g. Armezon, Balance Flexx, Callisto, etc.).

Syngenta has been an industry leader in herbicide resistance education, thus it is disappointing to see them release this ad that only creates confusion regarding resistance management.


Prepared by Bob Hartzler, extension weed management specialist, Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University

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